Royal Air Force Instructors Undertake ‘Exercise EOS Drop’ Near Bicester

Royal Air Force Instructors Undertake

Parachute jump instructors from the Royal Air Force engage in ‘Exercise EOS Drop,’ a rigorous training exercise at RAF Weston-on-the-Green near Bicester.

Royal Air Force Instructors Undertake

[Bicester, UK] – The Royal Air Force’s seasoned parachute jump instructors have been engaged in a week-long series of exercises near Bicester, known as ‘Exercise EOS Drop’. The intense training took place over RAF Weston-on-the-Green, a historical and still active RAF base.

The ‘Exercise EOS Drop’ has seen the instructors engage in daring jumps out of aircrafts, testing their skills, precision, and courage under challenging conditions. The exercise aims to enhance their expertise and readiness for operations that require parachuting skills.

RAF Weston-on-the-Green, located near Bicester, is a significant site in the Royal Air Force’s operations. Having been redeveloped after the Great War period, it stands as one of the few remaining active RAF bases today. Its prime location and facilities make it a fitting site for exercises such as the EOS Drop.

The parachuting test team (PTT) responsible for these exercises, known as JADTEU (Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit), continues to be a crucial part of the RAF. The unit is charged with the ongoing development, operational testing, and evaluation of Military Parachute Systems and ancillaries from multiple aircraft. Its role is pivotal in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the parachute systems used by the RAF.

The ‘Exercise EOS Drop’ forms an essential part of JADTEU’s mission, providing the team with vital data and insights into the performance of the parachuting systems. This, in turn, contributes to the continued excellence of the Royal Air Force, particularly in airborne operations.

The RAF’s commitment to rigorous training and the pursuit of excellence is once again demonstrated through ‘Exercise EOS Drop.’ It is a testament to the bravery and dedication of its instructors, who continuously work to hone their skills and ensure the RAF’s readiness for any situation.

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